KASANG is famous in Korea for the development of the HOSTAGE gaming series. Originally developed for the U.S. market, HOSTAGE imagines the gamer as an American Special Forces operative tasked with releasing a hostage from enemy interrogation and torture. The ground-breaking aspect of HOSTAGE is that the operative is unarmed, and needs to rely on guile and timing to achieve objectives.

Set loose within a complicated maze, your job is to collect vital pieces of evidence from secure rooms hidden deep within the labyrinth that will allow you to locate and release the hostage from captivity. All the while, you are avoiding the guards who constantly sweep through the maze in increasingly complex patterns.


HOSTAGE 4 is being developed for the UK market. Instead of a flat-screen or Virtual Reality experience, we have created HOSTAGE 4 as a live and interactive event, allowing you to explore a specially built maze armed only with a tablet. In creating HOSTAGE 4, we have been able to fuse our expertise in gaming experiences with our pioneering work in Bluetooth i-Beacon development, creating a challenging yet thrilling game of cat and mouse.


With the structure of the maze and the shifting locations of the key participants rendered and tracked in real-time detail on your tablet, you have an overview of your assignment that actually enhances the tension of your mission. Your foe also has the same visual information of your movements, which creates an increasingly interactive see-saw of thrust and counter-thrust. HOSATGE 4 is currently in development, but we are planning special trials for the general public when we open in September.